Supporting Inclusive Growth in Upper Egypt, Lower Delta & the Sinai

In an effort to strengthen inclusive growth in the developing areas of Upper Egypt, the Lower delta and Sinai, the IRD required support in assessing the economic and social conditions in these areas, in order to design high impact targeted projects aiming to address un-employment and improving the livelihood system within these communities.
CID Inc. undertook a socio-economical profiling of Upper Egypt, lower delta and the Sinai region, through which CID Inc. identified the human development indicators and development challenges characteristic to the regions as well as analyzed the immediate causes of the lack of development in the three regions. CID Inc. also mapped out the areas’ vulnerable groups, and outlined their vulnerability factors and prevalence. The priority areas for intervention were identified that promotes inclusive growth and improve the communities’ livelihoods. CID Inc. provided a holistic summary and analysis of the unemployed in the three regions, analyzing the effect of government policy, comparing pre and post revolution employment promotion policies in addition to mapping out donors activities in the aforementioned areas. Based on the outcome of the assessments CID Inc. developed a report with community-based economic models for job creation based on geographic areas and target groups and provided recommendations on the selection of the geographic areas and target groups for IRD’s future interventions.