Supporting Social Entrepreneurship in Egypt

The replication fund is a public-private financing scheme that manages donations and investments from a diversity of development agencies and social investors made to a pre-screened portfolio of community-level innovations bundled in sector-specific accounts.
The NRF was in need of a designed and developed business plan to equip them to support social enterprises in Egypt by increasing their access to finance and offering capacity building services.
The objective of the project was to support an innovative and transferable financial model for the funding and capacity-building of local initiatives and projects that can demonstrate success and potential for scale-up in order to better achieve long-term impact and sustainability.
CID Inc’s goal is to identify and support start-ups and existing projects, through providing support to the Fund, in the form of technical assistance, action and business planning, to ensure the Fund’s capacity to foster, finance and support innovative social enterprises.
CID Inc. supported that goal through the following activities:
  • Provide technical assistance to the National Replication Fund to support the financing of social enterprise models and projects
  • Identify successful Egyptian social enterprises
  • Create a database for the social enterprises capturing detailed information
  • Analyzing demand & supply sides
  • Researching social financial models
  • Lead and moderate a roundtable meeting with all social enterprises and social investors
  • Analyze the current situation and provide recommendations for the challenges faced by the social enterprises.
The developed business plan laid out the structure and operations for an effective financial and technical assistance instrument to help scale development innovations that have a successful track record of service delivery. An outcome of the business plan was the mobilization of seed investment and capital for the Fund start-up.