Solid Waste Management and Monitoring Assistance Project

In 2000, the Governorate of Alexandria and the Egyptian Environmental Policy Program (EEPP) joined forces to launch a program for the privatization of waste services the first of its kind in Egypt. Funded by USAID , the project was launched to monitor the solid waste management (SWM) programs in Alexandria upon privatization of the industry. With multinational companies bidding for contracts to manage waste in Egypt’s large urban centers, a mechanism to monitor contractors for compliance was required.


CID Inc. was involved in identifying and managing the relationship between different stakeholders in the waste system. CID Inc. also developed a communication strategy to encourage and educate monitors on the importance of overseeing the process of waste collection to guarantee contract compliance.
The process included institutional set-up of the solid waste management unit, including:
  • The development & delivery of intensive training to candidates on topics related to SWM
  • Raising awareness among candidates about the challenges posed by the growing problem of SWM to Egyptian urban centers
  • Training and technical assistance in communications and public awareness components of the project
CID Inc. also developed a communications program that included:
  • Social marketing research
  • Raising momentum and interest about SWM among different communities
  • Planning and managing communication and outreach programs
  • Developing and managing media relations