Study of the Boy's School Drop-Out Phenomenon, Alexandria, Egypt

Funded by USAID in 2006, the study of the boy’s school drop-out rates phenomenon reviewed the unnaturally high drop-out rates of males versus those of females in the eastern and western districts in the coastal city of Alexandria, Egypt.
The outcome of the study enabled the Education Reform Programme (ERP) and Community Development Associations (CDAs) to identify target beneficiaries of scholarships for student retention . Lessons derived from the project were used by other organizations working on retaining students in urban Alexandria.
CID Inc. work included:
  • Reviewing school documents and records
  • Designing simple survey tools
  • Selecting samples for research
  • Reviewing literature and previous research
  • Reviewing and finalizing the work plan and tools in consultation with ERP Alexandria
  • Conducting interviews and focus group discussions
  • Obtaining additional information from the ERP
  • Submitting a final report to the ERP and USAID