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Welcome To CID.

CID Inc.  is a small, women-owned consulting firm based in Washington DC, USA, that was established by Dr. Laila Kamel and Dalia Wahba in 1998.
CID Inc. is a   consulting   company that specializes in macro and micro   economic development   as well as   social development   .
CID Inc. employs a holistic approach to economic and social development, wherein it assists with the development of organizations, companies and individuals in the public and private sector as well as civil society. The company offers grassroots solutions, taking into account economic, cultural, social and political considerations to maximize the reach of development impact.
CID Inc. works with the public sector as represented by governmental organizations and development organizations in a number of countries across MENA . CID Inc. has experience working on   economic development   projects in various sectors and   communication programs   with both the private and public sectors.